Locksmith: Understanding The Ever Evolving Nature Of The Locksmith Trade

lock and keyLocksmiths have historically been held in high esteem. Their services have been undoubtedly much sought after, from both commercial and residential safety and security fronts. Over time, the trade has experienced tremendous revolution and evolution owing to the emergence of new locking technologies as well as the betterment of existing locking technologies.

Historically, locksmiths were famed for producing locks and keys, repairing locks and cutting spare keys. This has since changed. Mass production of locks has made it cheaper to replace the whole lock rather than have it repaired, save for the high-end locks and locks on safe boxes.

In other regards, locksmiths have had to contend with the emergence of new locking technologies. This is especially with regards to electronic locks such that use electrical locking mechanisms opened by biometric keys (such as retinal scans, iris scans, and fingerprint scans), security tokens or security cards. More advanced locking systems tend to have encryption incorporated to improve the security of the lock. This is another technology that locksmiths have had to master. The proliferation of such technologies has transformed the locksmith trade to a rather technical trade.

What Does The Locksmith Trade Entail?

The trade envelopes a wide array of services that cater for both residential and commercial security. Some of these services include:

#1. Key Cutting – This is a rather traditional service. However, its importance cannot be emphasized enough as it helps individual and organizations to have enough key thus easing access by different people. Key cutting is offered for cabinet, door and padlock keys.

#2. Locksmith Forensics – This particular service is offered for investigation purposes to law enforcement, individuals, and companies after a break in. It helps the individuals and organizations identify the weak link in their locking systems that lead to the break-in.

#3. Door And Window Locks Servicing – This is by far the most common service offered by locksmiths. Locksmiths are usually contracted to fit, supply, and repair and maintain locks on the door and windows. They are also contracted to offer emergency services pertaining to the opening door and window locks without keys.

#4. Access Control – Beyond offering security, locks offer the best mechanism to control access to various part of a building. Professional locksmiths can devise modalities to control access in a building, restricting various parts of the building to qualified personnel. These services are very common for commercial buildings.

#5. Surveillance – More and more professional locksmiths are incorporating surveillance technologies with locking technologies to provide better security. This is especially for commercial building.

Other special locksmith trades include auto locksmith services and safe locksmiths.