We Improved Our House after a Flood Experience

Just a year ago, we experienced flood because of a tropical storm. We were amazed at how damage our property incurred when the water was just 6 inches high. Because of it, we need to do a lot of major repairs and we got the help of a contractor to get it all done. Since we are already working on a lot of parts in our home, we have decided that maybe we should take this opportunity to have some improvement.

One of the things that we did was install recessed lighting in bot our living room and bedroom. Somehow, the original builder of the house forgot to install sufficient lighting in these parts that we had to suffer for years. Because of it, I can now enjoy being in either of the rooms.

The next thing we did was connect our dining room and our kitchen by breaking down the wall between them. We were lucky to find out that it was not a load-bearin one and it came down very easily. Instead of having a totally useless wall, we had cabinets and counters instead. I can say that this is among the major improvements that we did that time. We used to have a really cramped kitchen that I don’t want to spend time in it. But now, it is all bright and wonderful.

We also decided to go all the way with the kitchen and had two of its entranced knocked down. So we no longer had that useless extra entrance and in place of it, we have the book shelf that my husband and I have been dreaming of. I really love cookbooks and now, I can stack them where they should be. Another great thing about it is that it has doors. So you really can’t see them unless you open those doors. My husband was very happy with this.

The last home improvement we did was connect our bathroom to our bedroom. I really think this is a very useful improvement because we no longer have to go out of our rooms just to go to the bathroom. We installed a very simple door that we are quite happy about.

It was a very difficult time when the flood hit us but it was the reason why we have this awesome home today. Somehow, it was our way of making the most out of the situation.